RTSS 2023

Conference Program

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44th IEEE Real-Time Systems Symposium (RTSS) 2023 Full Program:

Day 1 Hot Topics Day (December 5th, 2023)

Registration (from 08:00)

HTD Openings & Keynotes (09:00 – 10:00) 4F

WMC – Opening & Keynote (CR-406) – Zheng Dong and Georg von der Brüggen   

  • [09:00 – 09:15] Welcome, Zheng Dong and Georg von der Brüggen
  • [09:15 – 10:00] Keynote: Mixed-Requirement Systems: Practice-driven Evolvement of MCS, Wanli Chang

ERSA – Opening & Keynote (CR-405) – Bjorn Andersson and Chi-Sheng (Daniel) Shih

  • [09:00 – 09:05] Welcome, Bjorn Andersson and Chi-Sheng (Daniel) Shih
  • [09:05 – 09:50] Keynote: Use of compelling safety arguments for Integrated Modular Avionics systems, George Romanski
  • [09:50 – 09:55] Update from ASERT working group, Dionisio de Niz
  • [09:55 – 10:00] Summary of previous year, Bjorn Andersson

Coffee break (10:00 – 10:30) 4F

HTD Sessions 1 (10:30 – 12:00) 4F

WMC – Session A1 (CR-406) – Georg von der Brüggen

  • [10:30 – 11:00] Execution time budget assignment for mixed-criticality systems, Mohamed Amine Khelassi and Yasmina Abdeddaim
  • [11:00 – 11:30] Software Fault Tolerance in Real-Time Systems: Identifying the Future Research Questions, Federico Reghenzani, Zhishan Guo and William Fornaciari
  • [11:30 – 12:00] Optimality-Guaranteed Design Space Pruning for CAN-FD Frame Packing, Wenhong Ma, Guoqi Xie, Renfa Li and Wanli Chang

ERSA – Session B1 (CR-405)

i) Certificates (10:30 – 11:15) – Bjorn Andersson

  • [10:30 – 10:50] Efficient Explainability of Real-Time Schedulability, Sanjoy Baruah and
    Pontus Ekberg
  • [10:50 – 11:15] Explaining Quadratic Boundedness for Latency Mitigation and Safety Assurance in Edge-Cloud Computing, Raffaele Romagnoli

ii) Understanding (11:15 – 12:00) – Chi-Sheng (Daniel) Shih

  • [11:15 – 11:35] Transforming Logic into Language Bridging the Gap with Large Language Models, Ruben Martins
  • [11:35 – 11:59] Budget-Based Explainable Schedulability Analysis, Muhammad Tanveer Ali Ahmad, Jesus Pestana, Leandro Batista Ribeiro, and Marcel Baunach

OPERA – Opening & Session C1 (CR-403) – Enrico Bini

  • Welcome, Enrico Bini
  • Deadline-Aware and Fault-Tolerant Distributed Data Storage at the Edge, Sathish Gopalakrishnan
  • Subtask-Level Elasticity for Federated Scheduling of Parallel Tasks, Marion Sudvarg
  • Fallen Leafs: Towards WCET and ACET Performance Surrogate Models for Decision Trees, Christian Hakert.

Lunch break (12:00 – 13:30) 3F: “Yangtse River” restaurant

HTD Sessions 2 (13:30 – 15:00) 4F

ERSA – Session B2: Safety, certification, and explainability of autonomous cars ( (CR-405) – Bjorn Andersson

  • Testing Self-Driving cars and its difficulties, Paul Yeh
  • The Art of Open Source – Reimagines Intelligent Vehicles, Chi-Sheng (Daniel) Shih
  • Bus ODD and Autonomous Bus projects in Taiwan, Huei-Ru Tseng
  • Panel: Paul Yeh, Chi-Sheng (Daniel) Shih, and Huei-Ru Tseng

OPERA – Session C2 (CR-403) – Bjorn Brandenburg

  • Feasibility analysis of real-time periodic multi-phase tasks on unrelated multiprocessor platforms, Thomas Gaspard
  • Modelling Techniques for Fixed Priority Scheduling, Alessandro Druetto
  • Priority Point Exploration in EDF-Like Scheduling for Self-Suspending Tasks, Mario Günzel
  • Real-Time Systems Optimization with Black-box Constraints and Hybrid Variables, Sen Wang

Coffee break (15:00 – 15:30) 4F

HTD Keynote & Closing (15:30 – 16:45) 4F

OPERA – Keynote & Closing (CR-403) – Enrico Bini

  • Why is optimization challenging for real-time scheduling?, Pontus Ekberg

Closing, Enrico Bini

Day 2 (December 6th, 2023)

Session 1 (8:30-9:30): Introduction from RTSS 2023 Chairs – Insik Shin and Nan Guan

Keynote Speech #1 (chair: Insik Shin)

The Art of Open Source and Real-Time for Autonomous Driving
Keynote Speaker: Shinpei Kato

Coffee break (9:30-10:00 am)

Session 2 (10:00-11:40) Real-Time Scheduling and Analysis 1 – Liliana Cucu-Grosjean

  • Rethinking Tractability for Schedulability Analysis
    Kunal Agrawal, Sanjoy Baruah and Pontus Ekberg
  • What Really is pWCET? A Rigorous Axiomatic Proposal
    Sergey Bozhko, Filip Markovic, Georg von der Brüggen and Björn Brandenburg
  • Holistically Budgeting Processing Graphs
    Zelin Tong, Shareef Ahmed and Jim Anderson
  • Stealing Static Slack via WCRT and Sporadic P-Servers in Deadline-Driven Scheduling
    Zhishan Guo, Sudharsan Vaidhun, Abdullah Al Arafat, Nan Guan and Kecheng Yang

Lunch (11:40-12:50) @ 1F: Rainbow Terrace

Sessions 3 (12:50-14:55) Security & Blockchain Sathish Gopalakrishnan

  • Who’s Afraid of Butterflies? A Close Examination of the Butterfly Attack
    Sanjoy Baruah, Pontus Ekberg, Mehdi Hosseinzadeh, Ao Li, Bryan Ward and Ning Zhang
    (Outstanding Paper)
  • Catch You If Pay Attention: Temporal Sensor Attack Diagnosis Using Attention Mechanisms for Cyber-Physical Systems
    Zifan Wang, Lin Zhang, Qinru Qiu and Fanxin Kong
  • Learn-to-Respond: Sequence-Predictive Recovery from Sensor Attacks in Cyber-Physical Systems
    Mengyu Liu, Lin Zhang, Vir Phoha and Fanxin Kong
  • RT-Blockchain: Achieving Time-Predictable Transactions
    Seunghoon Lee, Sukmin Kang, Seungyeon Cho, Hyunwoo Koo, Sungjae Hwang and Jinkyu Lee
  • AgileShard: Turning the Sharded Blockchain into a Real-Time Transaction Processing System
    Jianfeng Shi, Heng Wu, Wang Liu, Heran Gao and Wenbo Zhang

Coffee break (14:55-15:25)

Sessions 4 (15:25-16:40) Brief Presentations & RTSS@Work Patrick Meumeu Yomsi, Arpan Gujarati, and Yue Tang


  • Work-in-Progress: Model Dependability Constrained Differentiable Architecture Search for Safety Critical DNN Tasks (VIRTUAL)
    Wensheng Tian, Lei Zhang, Shuangxi Chen, Hu Wang and Xiao Luo
  • Work-in-Progress: Time-Aware Formation Control of Connected and Automated Vehicle Platoon Based on Weighted Graph Theory (VIRTUAL)
    Ying Zhang, Tingyi Zhao, Yingjie Zhang, Tao You, Yantao Lu and Jinchao Chen
  • Work-in-Progress: Towards Real-Time IDS via RNN and Programmable Switches Co-Designed Approach
    Ziming Zhao, Zhaoxuan Li, Zhuoxue Song and Fan Zhang
  • Work-in-Progress: Towards an autonomous real-time scheduling framework for multicore platforms
    Abdulhakeem Abdulrahman and Patrick Meumeu Yomsi
  • Work-in-Progress: Impacts of Critical-Section Granularity When Accessing Shared Resources
    Tanya Amert and Catherine Nemitz
  • Work-in-Progress: Federated and Bundled-based DAG Scheduling
    Tomoya Kobayashi and Takuya Azumi
  • Work-in-Progress: Algorithms for Canvas-based Attention Scheduling with Resizing
    Yigong Hu, Ila Gokarn, Shengzhong Liu, Archan Misra and Tarek Abdelzaher
  • Work-in-Progress: Tight Response-time Analysis for Periodic Preemptive Tasks under Global Scheduling
    Pourya Gohari, Jeroen Voeten and Mitra Nasri
  • Work-in-Progress: Generating Counter-Examples to Schedulability Using the Schedule Abstraction
    Yimi Zhao, Srinidhi Srinivasan, Geoffrey Nelissen and Mitra Nasri
  • Work-In-Progress: Could Tensorflow applications benefit from a mixed-criticality approach?
    Alan Le Boudec, Singhoff Frank, Hai Nam TRAN, Stéphane Rubini, Sébastien Levieux and Alexandre Skrzyniarz


  • Work-already-Published: Zero-Jitter Chains of Periodic LET Tasks via Algebraic Rings
    Enrico Bini, Paolo Pazzaglia and Martina Maggio
  • Work-already-Published: Type-aware Federated Scheduling for Typed DAG Tasks on Heterogeneous Multicore Platforms
    Ching-Chi Lin, Junjie Shi, Niklas Ueter, Mario Günzel, Jan Reineke and Jian-Jia Chen
  • Work-already-Published: Parallel Path Progression DAG Scheduling
    Niklas Ueter, Mario Günzel, Georg von der Brüggen and Jian-Jia Chen
  • Work-Already-Published: Priority-Based Concurrency and Shared Resource Access Mechanisms for Nested Intercomponent Requests in CAmkES
    Marion Sudvarg, Zhuoran Sun, Ao Li, Chris Gill and Ning Zhang


  • Modular framework for Simulation and Evaluation of Cooperative Autonomous Vehicle Systems
    Harun Teper, Tobias Betz, Cedrik Krieger, Kuan-Hsun Chen, Johannes Betz, Christian Wietfeld and Jian-Jia Chen
  • Demonstrating Linearly Scalable Cluster-based Object Detection System without Delay Overhead
    Hongsuk Kim, YongSeong Lee, Jangho Shin and Jong-Chan Kim
  • RT-Bubbles: Making Real-Time Control Systems Subject to Deterministic Jitters (VIRTUAL)
    Yuhan Lin, Shumo Wang, Maoyang Shan and Qingxu Deng

Reception and Poster Sessions (17:30-20:00) @ 4F: Park Avenue

Day 3 (December 7th, 2023)

Session 5 (8:30-9:30): Keynote Speech #2 (chair: Nan Guan)

Real-time Edge AI Services and Foundation Models for Internet of Things Applications
Keynote Speaker: Tarek Abdelzaher

Coffee break (9:30-10:00 am)

Session 6 (10:00-11:40) Machine Learning with Timing Constraints – Angeliki Kritikakou

  • Progressive Neural Compression for Adaptive Image Offloading under Timing Constraints
    Ruiqi Wang, Hanyang Liu, Jiaming Qiu, Moran Xu, Roch Guerin and Chenyang Lu
    (Outstanding Paper)
  • R^3: On-device Real-Time Deep Reinforcement Learning for Autonomous Robotics
    Zexin Li, Aritra Samanta, Yufei Li, Andrea Soltoggio, Hyoseung Kim and Cong Liu
  • GitFL: Uncertainty-Aware Real-Time Asynchronous Federated Learning using Version Control
    Ming Hu, Zeke Xia, DengKe Yan, Zhihao Yue, Jun Xia, Yihao Huang, Yang Liu and Mingsong Chen
  • RT-LM: Uncertainty-Aware Resource Management for Real-Time On-Device Language Models
    Yufei Li, Zexin Li, Wei Yang and Cong Liu

Lunch (11:40-12:50) @ 1F: Rainbow Terrace

Session 7 (12:50-14:30) ROS & Robotic Systems – Jinkyu Lee

  • SEAM: An Optimal Message Synchronizer in ROS with Well-Bounded Time Disparity
    Jinghao Sun, Tianyi Wang, Yang Li, Nan Guan, Zhishan Guo, Qingxu Deng and Guozhen Tan
    (Outstanding Paper)
  • Worst-Case Latency Analysis of Message Synchronization in ROS
    Ruoxiang Li, Xu Jiang, Zheng Dong, Jen-Ming Wu, Chun Jason Xue and Nan Guan
  • Modeling and Analysis of Inter-Process Communication Delay in ROS 2
    Xiantong Luo, Xu Jiang, Nan Guan, Haochun Liang, Songran Liu and Wang Yi
  • RED: A Systematic Real-Time Scheduling Approach for Robotic Environmental Dynamics
    Zexin Li, Tao Ren, Xiaoxi He and Cong Liu

Coffee break (14:30-15:00)

Session 8 (15:00-16:00) Industry Session – Wanli Chang

IEEE TCRTS Meeting (16:00-16:30)

Banquet (17:30-20:00) @ B1: Formosa

Day 4 (December 8th, 2023)

Session 9 (8:15-9:30) Cache Optimization – Catherine Nemitz

  • Co-Optimizing Cache Partitioning and Multi-Core Task Scheduling: Exploit Cache Sensitivity or Not?
    Binqi Sun, Debayan Roy, Tomasz Kloda, Andrea Bastoni, Rodolfo Pellizzoni and Marco Caccamo
  • Leveraging LLVM’s ScalarEvolution for Symbolic Data Cache Analysis
    Valentin Touzeau and Jan Reineke
    (Outstanding Paper)
  • Co-Located Parallel Scheduling of Threads to Optimize Cache Sharing
    Corey Tessler, Nathan Fisher, Prashant Modekurthy, Abusayeed Saifullah and Alleyn Murphy

Coffee Break (9:30-9:55)

Session 10 (9:55-11:35) Multicore and Embedded Systems – Chin-Hsien Wu

  • Improving Timing-Related Guarantees for Main Memory in Multicore Critical Embedded Systems
    Asier Fernandez-De-Lecea, Mohamed Hassan, Enrico Mezzetti, Jaume Abella and Francisco J Cazorla
  • RTISM: Real-Time Inter-VM Communication based on Shared Memory for Mixed-Criticality Flows
    Zonghong Li, Guoqi Xie, Wenhong Ma, Xiongren Xiao, Yong Xie, Wei Ren and Wanli Chang
  • SMG: A System-level Modality Gating Facility for Fast and Energy-Efficient Multimodal Computing
    Xiaofeng Hou, Peng Tang, Chao Li, Jiacheng Liu, Cheng Xu, Tim Cheng and Minyi Guo
  • CollabVR: Reprojection-based Cloud-Client Collaborative Rendering for Real-Time High-Quality Mobile Virtual Reality
    Zhihui Ke, Xiaobo Zhou, Dadong Jiang, Hao Yan and Tie Qiu

Lunch (11:35-12:35) @ 4F: Park Avenue

Session 11 (12:35-14:15) Real-Time Scheduling and Analysis 2 – Georg von der Brüggen

  • CTA: A Correlation-Tolerant Analysis of the Deadline-Failure Probability of Dependent Tasks
    Filip Markovic, Pierre Roux, Sergey Bozhko, Alessandro Vittorio Papadopoulos and Björn Brandenburg
  • Soft Real-Time Gang Scheduling
    Shareef Ahmed and Jim Anderson
  • RTailor: Parameterizing Soft Error Resilience for Mixed-Criticality Real-Time Systems
    Shao-Yu Huang, Jianping Zeng, Xuanliang Deng, Sen Wang, Ashrarul Haq Sifat, Burhanuddin Bharmal, Jia-Bin Huang, Ryan Williams, Haibo Zeng and Changhee Jung
  • Minimizing AoI of Non-uniform Multi-source Real-time Data Updates: Model Generalization, Analysis and Performance Evaluation
    Xiaoxing Qiu, Weiwei Wu, Chenchen Fu, Zelin Yun, Vincent Chau and Song Han

Coffee Break (14:15-14:40)

Session 12 (14:40-16:20) Networked Systems and End-to-End Latency – Abusayeed Saifullah

  • Real-Time Flow Scheduling in Industrial 5G New Radio
    Tianyu Zhang, Jiachen Wang, X. Sharon Hu and Song Han
  • Resource Virtualization with End-to-End Timing Guarantees for Multi-Hop Multi-Channel Real-Time Wireless Networks
    Jiachen Wang, Tianyu Zhang, X. Sharon Hu and Song Han
  • Link between real-time scheduling and time-triggered networks.
    Richard Garreau, Matheus Ladeira, Emmanuel Grolleau, Henri Bauer, Frédéric Ridouard and Pascal Richard
  • Optimizing End-to-End Latency of Sporadic Cause-Effect Chains Using Priority Inheritance
    Yue Tang, Xu Jiang, Nan Guan, Songran Liu, Xiantong Luo and Yi Wang

Closing (16:20-16:30)