RTSS 2023

Accepted Artifact Evaluations

  1. GitFL: Uncertainty-Aware Real-Time Asynchronous Federated Learning using Version Control
  2. Worst-Case Latency Analysis of Message Synchronization in ROS
  3. Artifact: Co-Located Parallel Scheduling of Threads to Optimize Cache Sharing
  4. Catch You If Pay Attention: Temporal Sensor Attack Diagnosis Using Attention Mechanisms for Cyber-Physical Systems
  5. Co-Optimizing Cache Partitioning and Multi-Core Task Scheduling: Exploit Cache Sensitivity or Not?
  6. SEAM: An Optimal Message Synchronizer in ROS with Well-Bounded Time Disparity
  7. What Really is pWCET? A Rigorous Axiomatic Proposal
  8. CTA: A Correlation-Tolerant Analysis of the Deadline-Failure Probability of Dependent Tasks